Owner/Designer - Ryan Drennan

Age - 23

Creative Outlet - Sewing, biking, kendama, scooter, photography, lil bit of everything

About me - My name is Ryan Drennan, or Dystopia. I am the owner, designer, shipping team, sewing machine operator, I do everything for the company my self. I originally started off trying to start a clothing company with a few friends at the skatepark and it never went anywhere, but I still had the urge to create cool ass clothes. Many years down the road when I was in college I sold my first batch of Dystopia clothing out of my dorm room, 7 shirts-1 sweater-2phone cases, which was the real start of Dystopia. For the past 5 years I've been designing clothing, sewing, finding ways to reuse old fabrics and upcycle clothing, to make high quality functional fashion designed for everyday people on everyday adventures.

Team Member - Brayden “KYRO” Sinclair

Age - 24

Creative Outlet - Scootering, rapping, bmx, lil bit of flippin sticks.

About Me - Just a young guy with ambition to see the better side of life and a guy who enjoys doing the things that make me happy, discovered rapping at 15 and started making songs with friends and hosting open mic shows down the road as well as performing shows all around London. Started scootering and bmxing at an earlier age and found that to be quite fun and fulfilling! I also enjoy doing random stuff and hanging out with my girlfriend and finding exciting things around London to do with her.

I stay positive by simply living, not stressing on things out of my control or even in my control when they don’t go as planned, try to keep a positive look on life and don’t take a lot of things super seriously which can be hard at times for sure, but overall just do what you can to keep a positive look on life.

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Team Rider - Cameron Pascal Kraeuter 

Age - 21

Creative Outlet - Scootering and outdoor activities.

About me - Hello my name is Cam also know as @pascalbucko on Ig, i’ve been riding scooters now for the last 5 years mixing in some bmx and other hobbies such as snowboarding, skateboarding, camping, fishing, and hiking! I’m an all round nature lover with a big passion for action sports and love to express fashion through my riding style and Insta posts.

How do you stay positive and see beauty in things everyday -  I live each day to its fullest and try to not dwell on the past while encouraging others to keep being motive and strive for their goals!!

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Team Member - Kaleb Ellul-Barnes 

Age -21

Creative Outlet - Anywhere outside, listening to beats and playing kendama.

About Me - I am a hard worker that works Monday to Friday every week and takes pride in the work I do. In my spare time during the week after work I spend it relaxing and playing my PC.

I stay positive by putting my air pods in and focusing on the task at hand knowing there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I enjoy spending time with family and friends to always bring the best out of me.

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Team Rider - Kieron Tyler Sheppard

Age - 20

Creative Outlet - Scootering

About Me - I'm from Cambridge Ontario and I've been scootering for the last 6 years and have loved everything about it, from all the friends I've made, to tricks I've accomplished. When life deals me a bad hand I usually do something to ease my mind such as go watch a sunset or find a good place to climb and enjoy the view.

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Team Rider - Dillon Owen 

Age - 24

Creative Outlet - Scootering

About Me - Hey peeps Dillon here, I’ve been riding scooters for about 3 years now and before that I skateboarded for about 10 years. I am considered a “street” styled rider and I love my manuals. I was born in London but moved to Cambridge for most of my teen age years but I reside back in London now. Since it’s so hard to pick just one scooter brand to be a favorite imma tell you my top 5 & that would be proto, tilt, ethic, trynyty, and native. That’s all I got for you guys, I’m also beyond hyped for the future of my sponsorship with dystopia.


I keep positive everyday with what I love because if you don’t stay positive and have “shit” days a lot you will not be very happy even when your out doing the things you love the most. So if you just try and keep a clear mind at all time you should always have a great time<3.

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Team Member - Quinn Joesph Tranelis Hall 

Age - 31 

Creative Outlet - Kendama 100% 

I do love music and art in every way but that just goes hand in hand with kendama!

About Me - I'm born in the same city as the famous hockey player Wayne Gretzky, in brantford Ontario canada ! I lived out in the country for 7 years of my life having me outside all day hiking and causing whatever mischief kids caused back in the early/late 90s. I have always had that niche for skill toy things and never even knew it when I was younger. From flipping spoons , pens , sticks to kicking and balancing soccer balls on my body lol along with being on pretty much all the sport teams and was the captain on the volley and basketball team during highschool. When kendama came into the picture when I was 25 or so , I was mind blown and wondered why I never came across one when I was a kid ( only yo yos and hacky sacks ) and here I am today playing kendama for sweets kendama and I could not be happier and it's just the beginning.

Just trying to look at the brighter sides of everything and how it could be worse . It can be easier to say that some days than others but it's TRUE. If I ever have a struggle with something or am stressed with life , I just realize it could seriously be worse and that alot of us truly have it pretty good , even tho we may be going through some real bullshit . If things are that bad as well , things tend to unfold as they should in a positive way almost everytime . May be the hippy side of me but that's how I feel when I'm down about the world and life.

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Team DJ - Ethan Stevens (aka Ricky Woods)

Age - 22

Creative Outlet - Music Production & DJing.

About Me - More than anything I find that I live off the ideology that we are all submerged in a divine human experience, and should be making the most of it every day. To see someone happy speaks to my soul in the most beautiful way, hence the reason the dystopia brand sits with me in the position it does.

What keeps me positive is definitely the amazing people I surround myself with, they keep my chin up on the darkest of days. Also, sending it. We aren’t silly around here.

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Team Member - Seamus (Shambles) Malloy

Age - 22

Creative Outlet - Life is my creative outlet.

About Me - Me? Not much too me, just a dude with a nipple pricing.

To me, the most effective way to stay positive is keeping yourself occupied with things you love, and being with people you love to be with. There is nothing more enjoyable than getting sendy with the boys.

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